Hello and I hope you are enjoying the pictures on this site.

As of late 2011 my astrophotographic experience could be described as in a fairly early phase as I have only started taking pictures of the night sky in late 2009. My love of the night sky before astrophotography as well as now is based on visual astronomical observations. As of late 2011 I have taken notes on nearly 4000 visual observations mostly from my northern sky perspective in mid California but also including most of the highlights of the southern night sky seen from Australia.

I observe and do astrophotography with a large group of friends that are also local California Bay Area residents many of whom have amazing levels of experience and knowledge.

My number one tip to anybody starting out in this hobby is to seek out groups who share the urge to take pictures of the night skies and listen and learn of the many experiences of your newfound friends.

Below are other websites of mine including my own songwritting and technical sites.

www.astrospotter.com My website that has the focus on visual astronomy.
www.mark-tunes.com My music site with many songs written and performed by myself and friends.
www.picio-chips.com My robotic projects or other electronic projects


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